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At Blue Wave Pool Service, our goal is to provide the “BEST” pool cleaning and services to our customers in San Antonio. We want the opportunity to offer you our award-winning pool cleaning service, with just a simple phone call, we will come to your house and provide a free water analysis at no cost. 

Is your current pool company qualified to treat your pool?

The bottom line…you need to be sure the person who takes care of your pool knows what they’re doing! At Blue Wave, our technicians are Certified Pool and Spa Operators (CPO) and/or Certified Pool Inspectors (CPI). We have undergone a course of instruction in pool health and safety sanctioned by the National Swimming Pool Foundation and have been tested and certified by the State of Texas. No other pool company in San Antonio can make this claim! We will keep your pool clean, healthy, and safe for you and your family.

We Also Take Care of Your Pool Equipment!

Blue Wave Pool Service will check your equipment at each weekly visit. Minor problems will be fixed on the spot; if your equipment requires extensive servicing, we will leave a door hanger with this information so that we can determine the corrective action needed. We are fully trained and licensed to clean, repair, and replace all of your pool equipment.

You've asked and we've answered

Blue Wave Pool Service introduces Online Payments.

Paying your bills has never been easier.

1. Money-Savings: You don’t need stamps, paper checks, or envelopes.

2. Flexible Payment Options: Pay with a credit card or even a direct debit from your checking account. You’ll always receive an emailed receipt for every payment.

3. Time-Savings: Pay using your own computer whenever it’s convenient-during breakfast, at lunch, in the middle of the night …you get the idea.

4. Environmental-Savings: If all US households paid their bills online, it would save 18.5 million trees each year, or the amount of lumber needed for 216,054 single-family homes.

5. Security: Fewer people see your sensitive information when you make payments online than if you wrote a check or mailed a payment, making online payments the MORE secure choice.

Blue Wave Pool Services
Blue Wave Pool Services