Our Commitment

Blue Wave Pool Service is devoted to its customers.

Blue Wave Pool Service respects your privacy and property. If we do need to arrive on an unscheduled day, we will either call you in advance or knock on your front door when we arrive.

Blue Wave Pool Service is the most reliable pool cleaning company in San Antonio. If we commit to servicing your pool on a specific day and time, that IS when we will be there to clean your pool!

Blue Wave Pool Service will care for your pool as if it were our own.

Everyone at Blue Wave Pool Service is a Certified Pool Operator, licensed, bonded, and certified by the State of Texas.

At Blue Wave Pool Service, we carry full liability insurance.

Blue Wave Pool Services
Blue Wave Pool Services

Our Services

Weekly Pool Service

The Blue Wave Pool Service Weekly Pool Service includes the following.

Test water for chemical balance
✔ Add necessary chemicals to bring water into balance
✔ Brush the tile and walls
✔ Skim the water surface of debris
✔ Vacuum pool floor as needed
✔ Empty skimmer and pump baskets
✔ Check pool equipment for proper operation
✔ Backwash pool filter and recharge (minimum of once monthly)
✔ Adjust timers periodically according to the season
✔ Leave door hanger with a summary of that day’s visit

Pool Equipment Installation & Repair

We also install and repair your pool equipment, servicing all major brands listed below and more.

✔ Polaris
✔ Hayward
✔ Jandy
✔ Sta-Rite
✔ Jacuzzi
✔ Pool Frog

Pool Algae Treatment

Let Blue Wave Pool Service help you diagnose your algae, but more importantly, let Blue Wave Pool Service get rid of it!